We helped the creators of Alien Punk on their 3 versions of NFTs:

Version 1

The birth of the Alien Punk collection.

Fun 2D portraits done in pixel art style, with various funny accessories. You can find the collection here: Alien Punk V1.

The challenge on this project was to combine each image randomly according to various parameters and restrictions, and create 10,000 NFTs.

The project was a complete success, with the collection being fully sold shorty after launch.

Version 2

Next stage was to add an extra dimension: Alien Punk V2

To keep in line with the pixel art work of V1, this version was fully done in Voxel Art.

It was the first time we’ve worked with voxels, and we had an absolute blast modeling all the assets!

V1 only had head accessories, but V2 added: clothes, hand items and a platform to sit on, so we could be a lot more creative.

We had to be careful when doing voxels because in 2D, the pixels will just paste over each other. In 3D, they might overlap causing flickers in the model. So we had to ensure that all items combined with all items were compatible (no voxels overlap).

Here are some of the models we’ve created:

Given V2 had to use the exact same head accessories as V1, we had to use V1 information to create the V2 counterparts, but randomly adding the new body accessories.

This version had a closed auction for all owners of V1, but it’s starting to trade now.

Version 3

This yet unreleased collection will take Alien Punks to full 3D models, with a more realistic approach. This collection will feature a lot of new accessories. More info about V3 soon!

NFT Art Gallery

We’ve also done some interactive Art Galleries, where you can place all your NFTs, no matter if they are images, videos, 3D Objects or Audio files, and allow visitors to check them out and even buy them.

If you’d like to play our demo gallery, you can download it here.

Just unzip it and play it.

Want to do your own NFTs?

But don’t know where to start?

We can take care of every step of the process for you: 2D images, 3D models, unique single objects, merging multiple objects, blockchain contracts… anything you’re missing to launch your collection.

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