Frequently Asked Questions

When is the release date?

We’re currently estimating our release date by September 2021. Any updates will be reflected on our store pages.

In which platforms will the game be released on?

At the moment, we plan to release on Windows only (in the stores listed below). We might release Mac and Linux some time after. Depending on game reception, we might also release for consoles (which we’d love to), but at the moment it’s not planned.

What engine is the game made in?


Does the game support controllers?

Full Controller support is already implemented, in both the demo and the full game.

Where are the savegames stored?

They are in:

C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Insular Games\Gravitators\steamID\Profiles.bin

(Note: folder “AppData” is sometimes hidden on Windows)


We do support cloudsaving in the stores that allow it though.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Most regular PCs and Laptops should be able to run it. We tried the game on a rather old PC and it worked quite well. The specs were:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2GHz
Memory: 1000 MB RAM
Graphics: 512MB VRAM
Storage: 8000 MB available space

My antivirus is blocking Gravitators exe files. What do I do?

In some rare situations, your anti-virus might think the exe is suspicious and block it. The exe is completely safe.

You should add Gravitators folder as an exception, so your anti-virus won’t give you that false positive. Check your anti-virus help section if you don’t know how to do this.

Where can I find those cool papercraft models I saw online?

They are also included in the Deluxe Version of the game (along with other digital goodies).

Do you have any free wallpapers I can download?

Yes we do, right here. Many more wallpapers are also included in the Deluxe Version of the game (along with other digital goodies).

Can I create fan art based on Gravitators?

You most certainly can, as long as it’s not done for commercial purposes.

Where can I buy Gravitators?

At the moment, it’s only sold on Steam:

More stores might be added in the future. If you’d like the game added to a specific store that’s not listed here, let us know! Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

I’m a content creator. Can I get a Steam Key?

Sure thing! You can acquire a Gravitators Steam key from:



I’m interested in knowing more about indie games development.

You’re in luck then! We’re writing articles for The Indie Game Blog, where we talk about different topics to have in mind or what to expect when working as an indie developer. Whether you’re interested in doing games yourself, or just curious about the doings and sufferings of indie game developers, feel free to stop by and check out some articles. 

Where can I contact you?

You can send us an e-mail to You’ll also find the links to our social media channels right below.

We will try to reply as soon as we can.

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