Gravitators was the first game we ever released on Steam.

It’s a modern take on a twin stick shooter, inspired by classics like Thrust or Solar Jetman. There are 4 playable ships (with different weapons and styles), and a variety of environments and hazards that will keep you engaged right until the end of the game.

Learn more about it on the Gravitators home page!

We were invited by the creators of this project to create 2D and 3D objects and mix them up by our own Randomizer Tool to generate 10,000 NFTs of various rarities.

More information on what we did for the Alien Punk project here.


We’re also available for hire if you’d like to do your own NFT collection.

Send us an e-mail with what you have in mind, we’d love to help you realize your idea.

If you’re thinking about developing a game on your own, or if you’re interested in how indie developers manage to get a game on the market, check it out!

About us

We’re a small group of game developers with different experiences and backgrounds, but sharing a big passion for classic games. We’re located in the exotic lands of Indonesia.

In 2015 we decided to finally get together and start doings games on our own. Gravitators is our first game, and we truly hope you enjoy it!

About the company’s name: while we were hunting for a name, a lot of options were considered until we came across “insular”, which means: relating to or from an island. That made a lot of sense, given we’re located in Java island and Indonesia is an island country.

And thus Insular Games was founded.

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